SQL: SELECT Syntax and Basic Definitions

I find myself regularly clarifying the difference between SQL Server and SQL so I owe the topic a blog post or three.┬áSQL is the standard programming language used in relational database management. The acronym stands for Structured Query Language and is pronounced either “see-qwuhl” or “es-que-el.” SQL standards are maintained by ANSI and ISO/IEC . […]

2018: The Year I Stay Home

I had a great year last year. I was lucky enough to experience Kscope17 and amazingly lucky enough to present at Ukoug_Tech17. I traveled a lot for work, and I traveled a lot for personal reasons. My family and my zoo suffered for it. I forgot that instead of chasing dreams, I’m supposed to be […]

MySQL Asynchronous Replication and Logging Formats

There are three ways to get data replicated between MySQL databases and different (and very valid) reasons to each method. In this post I will answer the questions “what is asynchronous MySQL replication?” and “when might asynchronous replication be the best way to go for my environment?” I will also define the two binary logging […]