About the Sharp Geek (Jessica Sharp)

Senior Oracle Consultant for Infolob.
Currently on assignment to Toyota North America for an Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer migration of all Oracle databases.

Vice President of MMS.

D.O.U.G. board member.

Varsity computer science coach and mentor through the Microsoft TEALS K-12 program in Dallas, Texas high schools.

Who is Jessica Sharp?

They said she could be anything when she grew up so she became the Database Administrator. She leads Oracle cloud migrations and does engineered system tuning projects for Infolob clients. She’s a Dallas Oracle Users Group board member and the Vice President of the McKinney Makerspace. She is a varsity computer science coach and mentors students in classes across the DFW metroplex. She speaks at various relational database events and conferences across the globe. She does Python with her python, is the Spider Whisperer, rides a motorcycle (but she’s not a backpack), and is in a committed relationship with coffee. She loves to have technical talks over beer so feel free to reach out.

Where to meet me

Attend a Dallas Oracle User Group event. You’ll likely find me there. While I’m not your friendly neighborhood spider-woman, I am your friendly user group board member (2019-2020).

Oracle User Group Conferences:

Collaborate 19 [Twitter: #C19TX]
April 7-11, 2019 in San Antonio, Texas

Session: Growing Pains of a DBA: The Top 5 Tools For Evolution
slides: coming soon

Presentation Summary: 
A key in evolving as a database administrator is utilizing existing technical skills and talents and applying foresight to the process of building new tools to do the heavy lifting of opening doors that bring different teams together. The top 5 tools any database administrator can use to get through growing pains are; a channel to the database community, a sandbox environment, a set of golden lists, a team of mentors, and a personal support system or a red Swingline stapler.

December 4-6, 2017 in Birgmingham, United Kingdom

Session: Plugging Into 12c: I Took The Crash Course So You Don’t Have To

Presentation Summary:
If you’re new to 12c and multi tenancy, let me give you a crash course but let’s skip the pain. Come explore my personal upgrade journey, while I was upgrading to 12.2. I’ll share my embarrassing mess-ups so that you can avoid making the same mistakes. I’ll also share my favorite case study and share my personal arsenal for daily administration as well as upgrade and migration tips.

Because mental health is a priority for me: If life kicks you in the tush and you can’t kick back: 1-800-273-8255 (SUICIDE HOTLINE).